LUXALLDAY Affiliate Program

Want to make $1,000+ daily? Get a cut of every customer you refer.

An Introduction

LUXALLDAY is committed to helping people from all parts of the world achieve success in the realm of online business - especially with regards to growing an Instagram following and heavily monetizing your audience. The LUXALLDAY Privilege Package offers one on one mentorship, a 75,000+ word guide, shoutouts, full 250 million+ follower network introduction, in-house design agency, and so much more. People who purchase my mentorship program are seeing phenomenal results in areas such as finances and tangible business skills. You can read more about what I offer at and by clicking on my Instagram packages respectively.

How Does It Work?

When you register for FREE, you will be supplied with a package of instructions and advertisement material to use on any platform you wish (to generate sales for me). For every LUXALLDAY mentorship program you assist in selling (including the Privilege Package), you will receive up to 75% of the sale if you're enrolled in my Privilege Package (30% if not a student). Your sales activity will be tracked by a personalized discount code that is given to the customer upon checkout.

I will be notified instantly whenever someone purchases a mentorship program using your personalized discount code. Up to 75% of the sale (up to $222.75 USD for Gold Package and $747.75 USD for Privilege Package) will be sent to you automatically via PayPal - the world's most secure and trusted payment platform. All Privilege Package students enjoy 75% of every sale they help make (non-students get 30%).

You can quickly see how lucrative this income stream is. If you want to make $1,000 USD, selling just ONE Privilege Package puts you close to that number already. All you have to do is convince 1 PERSON to buy my Privilege Package using your sales/cold calling strategies - and $1,000 USD goes to you! If you help me generate $100,000 USD in sales, I will happily give you $50,000 USD while I do all of the work. All you have to do is bring the customer to me and the commission is entirely yours.

How Do I Start?

Make sure you have downloaded my free monetization guide at and have entered accurate information (i.e. full name, contact information, etc.). Email me at with subject line 'LEMME JOIN AFFILIATE'. In the email body, confirm that you have downloaded my free monetization guide, list your full name, and let me know what discount code you want to be tracked by (i.e. max is 15 characters). After this, you will be fully registered into my system - that was simple!


The information provided in my mentorship programs are completely based on my prolonged personal experience with the Instagram application. LUXALLDAY is not affiliated with Instagram but expect all terms of use, listed on their website, to be closely followed. I am also not affiliated with any third party applications described in my mentorship programs either.

All laws must be followed in the respective jurisdiction in which you are located. Every attempt has been made to maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of such information. I do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by any of the information provided in my mentorship programs. Liability is also disclaimed for any additional consulting services or clarification provided.

Results vary, based on a variety of factors such as level of dedication and niche. The unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of my material is criminal copyright infringement and thus strictly prohibited. Legal prosecution on both the local, national, and international scale will be pursued at all costs, by failing to comply with my copyright. All rights reserved. I have systems in place to detect unauthorized distribution of my material. If you do not agree to the above disclaimer notice and/or my terms of use, STOP enrolling in any of my services or programs now. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ THE FULL LIST OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS LISTED ON MY WEBSITE AS WELL.