I started from nothing just under a year ago.

Growing up, I was known as the kid entrepreneur who sold lemonade, shoveled snow, and went door-to-door flipping cereal boxes I bought at the store. The thought of ending up at a 9am-5pm job, behind a desk with only a few weeks of vacation per year, pushed me to constantly invent new ways of making MONEY - the key ingredient to unlocking true financial freedom. Financial freedom is being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want without having to work a conventional job.

When I first stumbled upon Instagram, I immediately realized the abundance of money making opportunities available to anyone willing to put in hard work and dedication. If you are here seeking overnight success and to get-rich-quick, you are in the wrong place. Instagram marketing, however, is a proven business model.

If you do manage to build up a large engaged audience in virtually any niche (i.e. luxury, motivation, fitness), lucrative income streams from advertising, affiliate marketing, personal branding, etc. become available. Selena Gomez makes up to $550,000 per Instagram post for companies like Coca-Cola®. Influencer marketing on Instagram is DISRUPTING the entire advertising industry - read up on my blog about it!

A few college students, like me, are generating healthy 6 figures every year solely from Instagram. Big name, respectable media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Tech Crunch, and the Wall Street Journal have published articles about the newest trend in the advertising industry - the affordable, effective, and modern phenomenon known as social media influencer marketing. Go ahead and do a Google search on that topic - I promise you will learn a lot. Make sure you check out my BLOG to learn all about what I do.

I am here to share my overwhelming success with Instagram by offering a mentorship program to a small group of students. There is a massive barrier to entry for the social media marketing industry if you choose to start today and educate yourself independently. Every niche is relatively saturated and without knowledge of highly specific growth strategies, one can expect to grow and earn next to nothing. To ensure you are serious about becoming my student, I am charging a small one time fee in exchange for one on one mentorship, with the Privilege Package listed at my website being the most popular option. Social media marketing is a very low capital, low risk way to start your first business if you are a budding entrepreneur - with incredibly high returns. It is also a fantastic side income stream for those who own multiple businesses already. Check out the testimonials of my VERY successful students who are ALL growing thousands of followers per day and making serious money on Instagram - go to the BLOG section of my website!

You can check out the various packages assisting you in growing thousands of real followers per day on Instagram I offer on my website - but first make sure you DOWNLOAD MY FREE INSTAGRAM MONETIZATION GUIDE to get a more in-depth understanding of exactly how you can make money simply by starting a page. I give you my guarantee that no matter which package you choose, you will receive only the highest standard of training available in the social media marketing industry. In fact, LUXALLDAY is one of the GLOBALLY TOP RANKING, verified Snapchat accounts under the 'Entrepreneurs' section in the Snapchat user discovery application, GhostCodes. Make sure you add my Snapchat 'luxallday' as well - to see the luxurious lifestyle I lead by being able to work from the comfort of my phone.

Thank you for checking my website out and I sincerely look forward to seeing you GROW exponentially. BE MY STUDENT!

Yours Truly,

Stefan Lorage (ADD ME ON FACEBOOK - fb.me/stefanlorageofficial)

P.S. Make sure to also check out the video below for my recent 2017 luxury trip to Asia. I can proudly claim that I travel the world while earning 6 figures from my phone! All fully paid for by the proceeds of my digital Instagram business.