I was flipping burgers as a college student. Not anymore.

Growing up, I was known as the kid entrepreneur who sold lemonade, shovelled snow, and went door-to-door flipping cereal boxes I bought at the store. The thought of ending up at a 9-5 job behind a desk with 2 weeks of vacation/year, pushed me to constantly invent new ways of making MONEY - the key ingredient to unlocking true financial freedom.

When I first stumbled upon Instagram, I immediately realized the abundance of money making opportunities available to anyone willing to put in hard work and dedication. If you are here seeking overnight success and to get-rich-quick, you are in the wrong place. I invested thousands of hours to learn every aspect of Instagram growth and monetization.

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I teach my students how to build up a large engaged audience in virtually any niche they want (i.e. luxury, motivation, fitness). This translates into lucrative income streams like advertising, affiliate marketing, bio link conversion, consulting, flipping pages, freelancing, growth services, product promotion, etc. by monetizing the large amounts of user traffic from your page. Selena Gomez makes up to $550,000 per Instagram post for companies like Coca-Cola®. Influencer marketing on Instagram is DISRUPTING the entire advertising industry.

Not only have I been able to amass millions of followers on Instagram @LUXALLDAY, but I've been able to generate PHENOMENAL AMOUNTS OF INCOME. This income has allowed me to comfortably afford multiple real estate investment properties, own a Mercedes-Benz AMG, travel to dozens of countries each year, retire my parents, and contribute to charities I believe in.

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After achieving the pinnacle of success on Instagram by building @LUXALLDAY, I strived to find more meaning in my life. I quickly realized that nothing made me more satisfied than SAVING OTHER PEOPLE FROM WASTING TIME, by teaching them exactly how I grew my Instagram page so fast. LUXALLDAY is a dramatic example to shake the general public of apathy - representing the possibility of achieving financial freedom as an Instagram influencer, against all odds.

I have decided to offer an EXCLUSIVE INSTAGRAM EDUCATION PROGRAM, charging a small one time fee to ensure people are serious about changing their life situation. Learn the exact growth strategies that allowed me to get to 1.7 million+ followers in very little time - growth and monetization secrets that other big pages will never reveal at any similar price. Allow me to save you thousands of hours in research and teach you everything about becoming an Instagram influencer step by step.

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My reality today was merely a pipe dream, just over 2 years ago when I was flipping burgers at a dead-end job. Becoming a millionaire while still in college might seem impressive but it's important to bear in mind that I didn't get here overnight. It's taken me MANY YEARS OF FOCUSED LEARNING AND DEDICATION to build the Instagram income streams that I enjoy today.

I always remind my peers, that the money you earn is simply a reflection of the VALUE YOU ADD TO OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES. If you focus on providing massive value to people, you'll be rewarded. This is what I continue to focus on everyday and is my proudest achievement. The money will take care of itself if you have this mindset.

Have questions? Email me directly at: contact@luxallday.com. Guaranteed in-depth replies within 8-12 hours! I answer every inquiry.

Yours Truly,

Stefan Lorage (@stefanlorageofficial on Facebook)

LUXALLDAY Management