I met so many of my wonderful Instagram/Snapchat fans in Los Angeles this past week at the LUXALLDAY Meet & Greet. It was great driving some of you around Rodeo Drive, Griffith Observatory, etc. in the 2017 C63 AMG. Many business ideas were shared, meaningful friendships were developed, and champagne bottles were popped. My intention is to host meetups every other month in central destinations worldwide.

Since my digital Instagram business @luxallday (1.7 million+ followers) allows me to earn from anywhere in the world, I will be coming to cities like Dubai, London, Tokyo, etc. before the end of the year. I am so proud to be living my childhood dream of getting paid to travel the world! Make sure you look at my other blog posts where I travel to other fun places like Bali, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan - all in the SAME YEAR! Here are some photos from my Los Angeles trip:

It wasn't that long ago that I wished to own a C63 AMG. Being able to fulfill one of my childhood desires of revving one around Rodeo Drive (conservatively) made my Los Angeles trip so much better. Instagram has completely reshaped the way I live. It's on days like these I reflect back on my previous occupation as a burger flipper to see how far I've grown up - from both a personal and financial standpoint.

One of my dream places to live and conduct business has always been Los Angeles. I promise you - I will be back! The view from Griffith Observatory to the North was spectacular. You could see full panoramic views of the LA Downtown skyline - including the Hollywood Sign. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many photos because I was in a state of absolute joy. I promise you the scenic drive around Beverly Hills leading up to Griffith Observatory will motivate you to HUSTLE HARDER!

I also visited IKEA. The sound insulation of their parking garages are superb - so I can hear the full extent of the C63 AMG's roaring exhaust noise. Every time I visit LA, a new energy consumes me. The people I get to meet, the places I get to go, the experiences I get to have - and best of all, I'm sharing it with people that matter via Instagram as one of the biggest luxury social media influencers out there.

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