I'm the 19 year old owner @luxallday on Instagram, with 1.7 million+ followers.

My Engaged Audience

@luxallday has followers from all over the world reaching 250 million+ Instagram users.

My Best Side Hustle

Many ways to make money with your audience: advertising, affiliate marketing, etc.

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Get-rich-quick? No. I put in thousands of hours to launch while balancing school and a job.

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Now, I spend 1 hour/day using Instagram and have $10,000+ days passively.

Do Whatever I Like

Working from my phone, I can travel anywhere without worrying about a 9-5 job.

Follow My Lifestyle

Add me on Snapchat 'luxallday' to see my lifestyle, with no limit to spending or hustle.

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Instagram is a vital social media platform worth billions, with 700 million+ active users globally. When you own a large Instagram following, you can derive hundreds of lucrative income streams including: advertising, affiliate marketing, bio link conversion, consulting, flipping pages, freelancing, growth services, product promotion, etc. by monetizing the large amounts of user traffic from your page.

Examples? Charge companies from all over the world who will want to advertise to your audience. Boost sales for your ecommerce clothing business by targeting your followers. Build a personal brand and get paid for mentoring those in need.

Big name, respectable media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Tech Crunch, and the Wall Street Journal have published articles about the newest trend in the advertising industry - the affordable, effective, and modern phenomenon known as Instagram influencer marketing.

Go ahead and do a Google search on this topic - I promise you will learn a lot. My goal is to advocate for the fact that it is still possible to follow your passions and make serious money while at it. In my case, I have always enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle and curating luxury content all day for a comfortable living is what makes me jump out of bed with joy every morning.

Check out my blog to learn all about what I do - including my very recent trip to Asia where I stayed at 5 star resorts with friends while still earning 6 figures from Instagram with my phone.


I want to teach a few dedicated students.

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